Veon Szu & Kok Thye (George Town office) seldom take in pupils unless the firm is looking for a potential candidate to join its dynamic and forward-looking legal team. Being a small legal team, we are super-focused on our niche practice areas. Hence, priority will be given to those who have a strong interest in Intellectual Property Law, Startup and Business Law, Strata Management Law and Estate Planning and Administration Law. We are advocates and solicitors, so we also argue cases in courts and tribunals besides drafting contracts and giving legal advice. Whoever is selected as our pupil would be exposed to legal works and various legal technologies that make modern legal office thrives and works.

Key Requirements
● Proficient in English & Malay
● Analytical and meticulous
● Tech-savvy or at least have a keen interest in technology
● Possess a strong interest in Intellectual Property Law, Business Law and Strata Management Law
● Honour teamwork, take pride in their work and be willing to learn new skills

Application Instructions
Candidates for pupillage must prepare a cover letter that addresses these points:

● Why do you want to work for Veon Szu & Kok Thye (George Town Office)?
● Three reasons why the firm should pick you over other applicants?
● Where do you see yourself in five years?
● All other requirements are as per the firm’s application requirements.

Interested applicants can send their cover letter and CVs to with the subject “APPLICATION – PUPIL-IN-CHAMBERS“.