What is SPS Lindung Scheme ?

SPS Lindung or Employment Injury Scheme is a programme under SOCSO’s self-employment social security scheme (SESSS). The YB Minister of Finance announced this programme during the Budget 2021 in Parliament on 6 November 2020 to provide social protection under the Self-Employment Social Security Scheme (SESSS), SOCSO, to self-employed people. SPS Lindung coverage was implemented as a result of the partnership between service providers and SOCSO.


Who is eligible for the SPS Lindung?

The self-employed target under this Government initiative is Delivery Riders targeted to reach 40,000 beneficiaries. Delivery Riders here refers to self-employed who deliver goods and food items using a motorcycle, bicycle, or walker.


Why are delivery partners encouraged to register for the scheme?

Including the delivery riders in the expansion of this scheme is a significant move, given the risks they have to bear when using the roads/highways. A year’s worth of SOCSO’s contributions amounting to RM232.80, which is RM19.40 a month via Plan 2 of the SESSS, will be 100% subsidised by the government via SPS Lindung. Generally, under this protection plan, each shipper will be covered with social security protection (Plan Two), with a contribution amount of RM232.80 per year, occupational disaster scheme (or Skim Bencana Pekerjaan), medical benefits, educational benefits, and physical or vocational rehabilitation facilities.



How will the scheme benefit the insured individuals?

Insured individuals may receive temporary disablement reimbursement for not less than 4 days of medical leave, with a maximum coverage rate of RM105.33 per day.


On the other hand, those who are permanently disabled due to self-employment injury will receive 90% of the selected insured monthly earning while also taking into account their age and other assessment factors. If they require constant attendance of another person, they may also receive a monthly allowance of RM500.


Physical rehabilitation, including reconstructive surgery, wheelchairs, crutches, hearing aids and more, is free of charge. Vocational rehabilitation such as sewing courses, radio repair, counselling and so forth are also covered free of charge.


If an insured self-employed person dies, eligible dependents will receive 90% of their monthly earning in line with the selected insured monthly earnings. Funeral benefits of up to RM2,000 will also be paid to the eligible person. Dependent children of the deceased or incapacitated individual will also be allowed to take education loans.


How to apply for the SPS Lindung?

An application can be made directly to any SOCSO’s offices or through the respective Service Providers Platform. The documents required from Delivery Riders are as follows :

  • Copy of NRIC
  • Self-Employment ID Profile from the Service Provider Platform or a copy of SSM/prove of employment; and
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • For those cycling or a walker, employees must produce a copy of the registration slip under the relevant Service Provider, or a copy of SSM/prove of employment.


More information on Perkeso website.