Last week, Nanyang Siang Pau (南洋商报) of Nanyang Siang Pau Sdn Bhd, the leading local Chinese vernacular business newspaper, interviewed Mr Lee Choo Hock and Mr Khaw Veon Szu on the online copyright infringement issue.

As one of the well-known Bahasa Malaysia tuition teachers and content creator, Mr Lee Choo Hock has seen it all. He learned the hard way. His bitter experience in the 90s, where many copycats copied and profited from his work and content, taught him the value of the intellectual property.

He has since gotten all his work and contents protected. In fact, in recent years, he had taken legal actions against quite a few copycats. His latest action was against two online portals. He has come a long way from being bullied by copycats to someone no copycats now dare to mess up with. He is now very passionate about advocating intellectual property law awareness amongst the local creators community.

We at Veon Szu & Kok Thye (George Town) are grateful to work together with Mr Lee and his creators friends in championing the right of local creators.

We are here to serve the creator economy and the creators community.

We thank bryanltw of Nanyang Siang Pau of Nanyang Siang Pau Sdn Bhd for allowing us to share our thoughts with the readers of Nanyang Siang Pau on this timely and important issue of online copyright infringement in the age of creator  economy and digital economy.

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