Last Monday (20-06-2022), our partner, Veon Szu Khaw, was invited to talk about the importance of having a Shareholders’ Agreement for businesses (SHA 2.0) in Kuala Lumpur.

This SHA 2.0 in-person session was a follow-up to the 2-hour online session on 13/05/2022 (SHA 1.0). Due to popular demand, this 4-hour off-line SHA 2.0 session was organised with registration fees for those who are serious and prepared to do shareholders’ agreement. The session was delivered in Mandarin.

The organiser is Persatuan Anggun Menawan Malaysia (PAMM). PAMM is the national umbrella body for businesses that provide services to help people look the best. They include hair salons, cosmetics, personal care or spa treatment. So, the participants actual came from different parts of Malaysia. We really appreciate the participants for making an effort to join the SHA2.0.😉

A big thank you to the PAMM organising committees for making this event a success!