On the 14th George Town Heritage Day, our founding partner, Veon Szu Khaw shared his thoughts on the past, the present and the future of his beloved home town, #georgetown :

Happy George Town Heritage Day!

George Town has come a long way since it was first declared jointly with #melaka as a UNESCO @World Heritage Site in 2008.

As someone who was born, bred and raised there, I have personally witnessed and experienced its transformation: first, as an oldtown populated with rent-controlled premises before the repeal of the rent-controlled legislation, then the massive migration of its dwellers in the post-rent-controlled law in the late ’90s, and now its rejuvenation with the conferment of the UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

I still remember how the initiative to get George Town recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site status was opposed and ridiculed by many. And the rest is history now.

Moving forward, George Town will continue to face challenges in staying relevant and lively in the new #digitalage.

In this regard, the plan to create the Creative Digital District @ George Town (CD² @ George Town) is definitely timely and most apt.

I have every reason to believe that with the close collaboration of all the stakeholders, CD² @ George Town will definitely serve as one of the key drivers in powering George Town into the exciting era of the #digitaleconomy !