A Malaysia-based law firm aims to meet the legal demands of modern business with the Moxo Platform.

What a digital transformation journey for a small legal practice like Veon Szu & Kok Thye (George Town)!

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention! If not for the unprecedented covid pandemic, our legal practice would not have embarked on the much-needed but delayed digital transformation.

Even though much of our daily legal practice had moved on to the cloud before the outbreak of Covid, we still did not have a single, private digital platform for work collaboration within and outside the firm.

Our search for one such collaborative platform that could meet our needs started right at the height of the covid pandemic. The search continued for a few months with numerous enquiries and even online meetings with a few shortlisted service providers around the world until we stumbled upon Moxtra (as Moxo was then known).

After onboarded the Moxo platform, we first tried it out for a few months with a satisfactory outcome and encouraging clients’ feedback. At Moxo’s recommendation, we officially launched our Veon Szu® Law App powered by Moxo n the 2nd quarter of 2021.

This digital transformation journey was not a walk in the park—lots of trials and errors along the way. We must continue learning, unlearning, and relearning with Moxo’s periodic updates and improvements, adding better features and functions.

“The Veon Szu® Law App allows the legal team to deliver a branded, personal experience to their clients from the convenience of their mobile device or desktop. Efficient workflows and client interactions between staff and clients are enabled by instant text, video, and voice messaging, secure document sharing, e-signature capabilities, and more. “

Needless to say, our clients who have the opportunity to use the Veon Szu® Law App like the experience.

We would like to thank team Moxo, notably Praveen Naguleswaran, Sampriti Mondal, Christy Lamberjack, Edwin M., Jinendra Jain and many more, that guided us along this exciting yet nerve-wracking adventure.

For those who are interested to find out how Moxo can help power your traditional businesses like legal, accounting, consulting, and real estate into a digital platform, please click:

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